This prison time extends up to 3.

Finally, shoplifting with the use of an instrument or device is a class 4 felony. Shoplifting with two or more similar convictions burglary, theft, robbery, shoplifting or retail theft within the past five years will also result in a class 4 felony.

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Penalties for a class 4 felony can include probation, up to one year in jail or between 1 and 3. With one prior felony conviction, this prison range increases to 2. While the penalties above refer to adults who are charged with shoplifting, we also handle many juvenile shoplifting cases. Juvenile shoplifting cases are unique because of the emphasis on rehabilitation over incarceration. At JacksonWhite, we provide the compassionate legal defense needed to give juveniles the best chance of success in court.

Our approach to shoplifting defense is to fully explore all legal angles and present options that make it more likely to receive a favorable outcome to your case.

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Our defense attorneys are familiar with shoplifting charges for both adults and juveniles, and we can help you devise a legal plan that puts your best foot forward. Below are 10 examples of defenses that can be used to challenge charges of failure to stop and unlawful flight:. This list is not all inclusive.

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Challenges to failure to stop and felony flight laws should be uniquely tailored to the circumstances of the case. Once police have decided to give a driver a ticket or to arrest them, they usually do not change their minds. This means that anything the driver says or does to attempt to challenge the charges or arrest, will make matters worse. The driver should try to remain calm, and refrain from arguing with the officer. When police feel threatened by a suspect, they may use force, and cause serious harm to the suspect.

Challenging the officer at the stop can also result in additional criminal charges for example, failure to comply with instructions, disorderly conduct, or aggravated assault on a police officer.

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For these reasons it is important that you accept the charges peacefully, and consult an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible to represent you to resolve them. Unlike civil charges, all vehicular crimes will expose a person to incarceration, a criminal record, and other harsh penalties. There may be good reasons why a driver failed to stop for police, or were perceived as attempting to flee from police.

Even though their actions may have been completely innocent, and charges unjustified, the driver will need to challenge the charges in court, or retain an experienced criminal defense representation to defend them. It is important that a person retain a qualified criminal defense attorney to defend their charges. James Novak is a former prosecutor and experienced vehicle crimes criminal defense lawyer. If retained, he will be their voice and present their case in the criminal justice system. He will gather the evidence and work with the defendant closely to tailor the best defense strategy based on the facts of the incident.

James Novak will work diligently to get the most favorable outcome to resolve the charges. Law Office of James Novak Home. Contact Law Office of James Novak.

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Criminal Defense. Vehicular Crimes. This means that the parties do not have to be married or related by blood. In fact, the relationship between the parties constitutes those who are living together or involved in a romantic or sexual relationship or whom have lived together in the past. To take it a step further, domestic violence also encompasses anyone related to another through blood or marriage, even if that person does not live with you or lives in another state.

Depending on the nature and the number of offenses, a domestic violence charge can fall under a misdemeanor or a felony. If the circumstances of the crime contained a weapon or resulted in the injury of another person, the charges can be severe.

On the other hand, if the charges are less severe, you may only face probation and will have to attend counseling for domestic violence. If you own a firearm, this priviledge may be revoked. Also, if children are involved, there may be limits to custody or visitation rights.