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With self background checks, job seekers can verify their employment, education, credentials, licensing and clean criminal record. Self background checks allow job seekers to conduct searches similar to those conducted by professional and accredited background check companies, including:.

General Information

If job seekers doubt the need for learning what might show up on a background check, a story from the Associated Press ,AP IMPACT: When your criminal past isn't yours, serves as an example of how an inaccurate backgorund checks can harm a job seeker. In the story, a clerical error led to a case of mistaken identity and landed an unemployed job seeker who had a clean criminal record on the streets when a background check for a job turned up a criminal record belonging to another woman.

However, job seekers will be glad to know that background checks are heavily regulated by the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act FCRA as well as many state laws.

Employee Background Checks: False Date of Birth -

Job applicants know ahead of time a report is being run and must consent. In addition, employers have an absolute legal obligation to notify an applicant about the results of a report before taking adverse action and informing them of their rights.

Employment Screening

Once an applicant realizes that erroneous information may show-up, an applicant can certainly advise an employer ahead of time there may be a mistake in the public reports. In fact, background checks are often the first time an applicant finds out they are the victim of identity theft, or that old or inaccurate records are showing up under their name.

Furthermore, an applicant has an absolute right to have any mistake re-investigated by a background screening firm, and if a background screening firm fails to do so within strict time periods, they face large potential liability. In addition, job seekers should be warned that a "real" self background check does not consist solely of a cheap and instant online database search. A white paper examined the accuracy of background check mobile phone apps and instant background check web sites and found users of these fast, cheap, and easy to use services may not be provided with entirely accurate information.

The white paper also notes that unsuspecting users of less-than-reputable background check apps or Web sites may not understand that it is just not that easy to get a complete picture of an individual's background, particularly their criminal history.

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Besides "self" background checks, another way job seekers and consumers may verify their information is to view their credit reports, something they can do for free thanks to the Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction FACT Act of The FACT Act provides the ability for consumers to obtain a free copy of their consumer file from certain consumer reporting agencies once during a 12 month period. Job seekers can visit AnnualCreditReport.

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Free credit reports requested online are viewable immediately upon authentication of identity while credit reports requested by phone or mail are processed within 15 days of receiving the request. There are literally millions of resumes on the Internet and they all have one thing in common , they all depend upon what people say about themselves. When job applicants run a "real" self background checks that means they have submitted their qualifications and information to a professional background screening firm for confirmation.

As a result, employers know what they are getting job candidates that are for real, who value their credentials and references, and verified to be safe, honest, and qualified job applicants. Toggle navigation. All of our locations in the state of Illinois will be closed Monday, November 11th, in observance of Veterans Day. By Lester Rosen If jobseekers want to get hired for a job these days, they will probably have to undergo a background check.

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The results that you get from this updated system will be the following:. As a reminder, the Limited Criminal History product is name and date of birth check of Indiana only records. For a more complete criminal history record it is recommended that a full national fingerprint-based background check be conducted.


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Learn More. Challenge My Record Click here to read more. Criminal History Services The Indiana State Police offers several services to those needing to interact with their criminal history records.

Which checks are included in my background check package?

Learn about It does not contain Federal arrests or arrests by agencies outside of Indiana. This report is used principally for a Criminal Record Review Challenge. Fingerprint-based National Full Criminal History A fingerprint-based National Full Criminal History report contains all reported arrests, charges, and dispositions from all state and federal jurisdictions in the United States.

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This is the most complete criminal history report available. Once an expungement or seal is granted, the verified petition and order granting the petition is forwarded to the Indiana State Police Expungement Section by the local court for processing.