I just want ro report the number. Hi, Jorge. Check out our latest blog on this topic for Social Security tips, including how to find out if the call was from us. The phone number left was , and Hi, Gita. I received a phone call at AM from someone saying they were from SS the number they called from was 1 I did not answer the call as I could not understand what they were saying but They did say something about Texas and I do not live in Texas and have not done since Hi, Leah.

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Today I received a call from Social Security as a recording saying there was a problem with my Social Security number and Iegal action was pending and to call to talk to a social security deputy officer. The cell phone associated with the number they called is a business and we do taxes here so of course we knew it was a SCAM others may not know.

Hi There. If the caller is claiming to be from Social Security—it is critical that you pay attention to the tone and content of the message from the caller. Caller ID indicated he was calling from Barbados, Barbados. My reply to him was that he remove my phone number from his calling list!!! Needless to say he hung immediately. I hope no one falls prey to these crooks!!! Hi Karen: Thank you for letting us know. Hi Roberg: If the caller is claiming to be from Social Security—it is critical that you pay attention to the tone and content of the message from the caller.

I received a phone call, this morning, from an unidentified SS supposedly. I did not give a chance to listen to their shpeel, but hung up. The incoming phone number was ! Hi Jenfaris: Thanks for letting us know. Several times I have received a robotic sounding message saying it was Social Security and they have suspended my Social Security number because they found suspicious activity and to press one.

Hi Sherry: Thanks for letting us know. Hi Shirley: Thanks for letting us know. I have received two calls left on my answering machine stating he was from the Social Security Admn. The call was made from Miami and the number is I am certain this was a fraudulent call. Hi Anna: Thanks for letting us know.

Hey my name is Angela and ive had more than enough issues that were even brought to my attention because of 11th mistake of a social worker I fear for my safety due to being told jail mental hospital and rehab as my only options. Yet wallis vs. Scared me because I hung up on them because they are wanting all my information D. Hi Dawna: Thanks for letting us know.

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Says they are the social security office out of Austin texas. Which number us Arizona. And you are going take all my money and accounts.

Inspector General Warns Public about Phone Calls from OIG “Imposters”

Thank you for checking in with us, Walter. I received calls routinely from — , saying that my SS has been compromised. I called them back, being curious about what I knew to be a scam. Surprise — they asked for my SS! What can I do to shut down these creeps? They are predators who prey on the naive. Hi, Paul. Thanks for checking in with us. We received a call from which is social security number The caller advised us to call immediately I checked that and it is Unknown. Hi there. I received 2 calls today from this tel : claiming that there has been some inquiry re my SSA number.

Hi Paula. Phone number pretends to be the Social Security on behalf of the DEA, they even answer back. Hi Helen. I received a call this morning from saying there was fraud on my social security number. Wanted to confirm my personal information. I told them send me something in the mail.

I called back and said this is a scam after I googled the number and the said some obscene words and hung up on me. According to google, I saw complaints about this exact thing going back to July of last year using this same phone number. How are these crooks still in operation 8 months later????

Please shut these people down. Hi Mike, thanks for letting us know. I have been receiving multiple phone calls about my social security number being suspended and when I talk to them they are from another country. What do I do about this. Hi Joe.

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Hi Debra, thanks for letting us know. I just received a phone call today stating my social security number was suspended and to immediately call This is from McKinney, Texas. Such a scam! The number that keeps call is Please stop them from calling people. I know this is a scam and I told them I was reporting them. Thanks for letting us know, Jack. Suspicious calls should be reported to the Office of the Inspector General at or online.

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Check out our latest blog for additional tips. To SSA, I received this e-mail today. I suspect it is fraudulent. This group advertisement is paid for by participating attorneys and advocates. The site is not an attorney referral service or prepaid legal services plan. This website is privately owned and is not affiliated with or endorsed by the Social Security Administration or any other government agency. The promotion of this website is sponsored exclusively by professional Social Security Attorneys and Advocacy Groups, in an effort to provide services to the public for Disability issues.

Any information you submit to this website may not be protected by attorney-client privilege.

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A list of participating attorneys will be mailed free of charge to members of the public upon request. Click here to unsubscribe. Please do not reply to this email to unsubscribe. Hi, Vicki. Thank you for your comment. Please be suspicious of unsolicited phone calls and mail messages. We allow these firms to send emails that will take individuals directly to our website. Visit our Internet Phishing Alert web page to learn more about how to detect a fraudulent email message.

We hope this information helps!

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  • I need to report a robo scam call about my Social Security number. Having trouble finding the right place to call or web site that is real. Hi, Margaret. We do not usually make random calls. If anyone receives calls saying that they are from Social Security, do not give out any personal information. You can find additional information here. Thanks, again. I received a call that my Social Security is being stopped because someone else is using my SS number.

    The phone number came in from Avalon, NJ and is I hung up on them but you may want to check them out.

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    Thanks for checking in with us, Cyd. Can you please veriffy if the number really belong to the Social Security Administration? Hi, Jose. Hi, Harry. Received a suspicious call caller id stating they were from the ss office, and needed information?????? Hi, Michael. Hi, Bob. You are correct. A number of text messages and phone calls were given to me stating they were from the Social Security Office and that legal proceedings were set against me.

    These are the different phone numbers they use and and Hi, Dane.