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Searching collections: State Publications II. Add or remove collections. Reference URL. Extra Large. Full Resolution. This page. PDF Text search this item. Text Search In a professional school such as the College of Design these opportunities and accomplishments are shared with closely related practitioners.

I drove through downtown Raleigh. This is what I saw.

The life of the academic community is vitally related to the life of the professional community it serves. The College of Design can be proud of its rich relationship to the design practice communities. Our students have equally demonstrated their relationship to the professions by gaining recognition in regional, national and international competitions.

Students and faculty have undertaken the design of affordable housing in areas of need. They have engaged entrepreneurs in the development of new products and provided testing of products about to enter the market. Even in the midst of incredible challenges the faculty have engaged in curricular development and the introduction of new programs. The introduction of the First Year Experience transforms the education of the entering design student by mixing disciplines and challenging each student to master the craft of design thought while also learning to understand and respect the cultural and environmental factors involved.

The college initiated Design Studies, which will have as many as 25 new students at the start of fall semester. This program will provide an exploratory non-studio based curriculum for students who wish greater freedom at the undergraduate level before engaging in professional studies in graduate school. The Prague Institute doubled in facility size and the student population continues to fill it to capacity with between 40 and 60 students attending each semester. In the midst of these developments the college undertook a major planning effort to address anticipated budget shortfalls, particularly for the academic year and also for the next three to five years.

This repositioning has led to the combination of the Graphic Design and Industrial Design departments although degrees will remain the same , to an administrative services reorganization leading to the reduction of staff, and the development of strategies to use central offices within the college. It has been the posture of the college to use these times to ask fundamental questions about how we are organized to best address the needs of students and to ensure excellence in teaching and scholarship.

An annual report is as much an opportunity to celebrate accomplishment as to take the measure of success.

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We recognize our need to grow the graduate programs, to nurture and grow the research culture addressing the need within the design professions for evidence-based design. We need to assess how we might strengthen the connections among disciplines within the college allowing greater freedom for both students and faculty to move among courses and professional education experiences.

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We are at an exciting moment in the history of the college. As we explore new roles for the designer within disciplines, we continue to reaffirm the most basic college traditions of a shared first-year core and of the preeminence of design study. Even as it seems that all is changing, it is the position of the college community that the design thought process will lead to the solutions to our problems. The annual report that follows is a clear demonstration of the vitality of the college. In addition, it appears that the number of individuals accepting offers of admission is increasing in some areas.

A new economic reality leading to a temporarily tentative job market presents a new set of challenges for our graduating students. Steady numbers in undergraduate applicants application:admissions ratio. Conversely, present temporary decrease. The College of Design strives to unify its research outreach and extension efforts with the goal of creating and promoting healthy built environments.

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Efforts are under way to propose the creation of a Center for the Healthy Built Environment within the college. At this time the college is identifying outside funding sources and is expected to put forward the center proposal in Fall A recent survey done by The Wall Street Journal covering professions using five parameters or criteria of evaluation , found that Industrial Design was rated number nine in terms of desirability as a career choice.

That extraordinary fact should be considered in light of the limits of growth at the College of Design in terms of students, space, special facilities and equipment. With the merger of undergraduate and graduate admissions, as well as the addition of the new college Career Adviser position, the Student Services Office faced incredible Changes in Changes in S Serevrivciec eE nEnvivrioronnmmenent t 4 growth and challenges this year.

In spite of heavy workloads and learning curves for new employees or employees with new duties, the office maintained quality service and implemented new programs — such as a formal Student Ambassador Program and new Adviser Workshops. As the office grows and new students are absorbed into the Design Studies program, there will indeed be a greater need for additional support staff. This area is already burdened and overwhelmed at times. The Landscape Architecture LAR Department completed a national search to hire a tenure-track faculty member who will teach, develop scholarly work and engage service in the areas of sustainable construction technologies.

With the population and growth in the region, the department has chosen this area as a strategic focus to prepare students for the design challenges associated with anticipated green, brown- and gray-field development associated with population growth in the region. Meanwhile, undergraduate applications for the undergraduate BLA program to remain at a relatively low level, and perhaps, a decrease.

Recognizing this trend, the faculty agrees to explore converting the undergraduate program to an accelerated baccalaureate program leading to a graduate MLA degree. The results have been very positive, including much faster printing with far fewer errors and failed print jobs for design students. In response to the desire to increase graduate programs, the total enrollment in graduate programs in the College of Design in Fall increased by approximately 13 percent over Fall Minor increases took place in Graphic Design 7 to 8 and the Ph.

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Incoming class size decreased in Industrial Design 12 to This year efforts have been made to encourage growth in the smaller graduate programs while attempting to restrict growth in the larger programs. The intent of this action item is to identify shared teaching and course opportunities for design and university communities. The Bachelor of Arts degree in Design Studies is a non-studio, liberal arts program that provides an interdisciplinary orientation to the history and theory of the design disciplines, material culture and design thinking.

Design Studies focuses on the properties of objects and environments as reflections of the social, historical, technological and physical contexts in which they are produced. It also presents the formative role of design in shaping human values and experiences. The curriculum provides paths that support intra-disciplinary study of design or interdisciplinary studies of design with non-profit studies or business administration.

Design Studies is open to all students interested in these pursuits with a minimum GPA of 3.

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Progress has been made on each of the five goals of fostering a community of inquiry, embracing inclusion, securing human and environment well-being, giving attention to diversity and promoting operational efficiency. A one-time, interdisciplinary design studio integrating landscape design and industrial design. Members Marva Motley, Art Rice and Chandra Cox submitted a recommendation to the Administrative Council that supported efforts that should occur departmentally, and through Web site presence and outreach.

Because of budget restrictions, many efforts could not be implemented. However, the college continues to support initiatives in place: USC D freshman advancement seminar was offered to all incoming students but targeted African-American students. The course provided support for students in the transition from high school to college. This group of students represented the top academic performers on campus and Design received the Outstanding College Performance Award for the eighth year for programs and services that advocated academic success.

This year, the College of Design graduated the largest African-American student population ever These students have agreed to assist with future outreach initiatives, which represents a major change in attitude from years past. Other diversity efforts include: - Dr.

The NC State Advance Scholar Senior Leaders program is designed to give senior faculty with administrative experience the skills to act as change agents at NC State in promoting university diversity goals for recruiting, promoting, and retaining faculty. This is a nationwide problem in the profession; ASLA is currently trying to facilitate a better understanding of both the problem and the solution for increasing minority enrollment. The undergraduate experience involves a year-round research program between Design and Computer Science.

Projects include Interactive Mirror—Interactive Map-Experimental research into alternate ways to interact with computers for education or entertainment. Two minority students and two female students were recruited from this effort. Close to one-third of admitted Graphic Design undergraduate applicants are minority candidates both and admissions cycles.

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There are more courses offerings each summer, as well. Some of the new courses are listed below. Included significant undergraduate research component, which will produce a document that will serve as basis for future studios related to energy-efficient architectural design. The Design Studies curriculum has three paths of study that support intra-disciplinary study of design or interdisciplinary studies of design with non-profit studies or business administration.

Memoranda of Understanding have been signed between the colleges of Design, Management and Humanities and Social Sciences.