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The page has a list of all inmates who are currently being held in the county jail, including those who were arrested in The unique feature of this facility is that you can get information on recent arrests as well as releases in the last 48 hours. There are no arrest mugshots on the page, but you will find details on the offense committed by the detainees. Along with the arrest mugshots, you can also get details on all instances of arrests in the name of your subject, including those that date back to Pulaski County arrest list: The inmate roster for Pulaski County can be accessed as a list or it can be used for a name based search for a detainee.

In the jail records, you will find the arrest mugshots, address, DOB, identifier data, information on charges, bond amount, name of the court hearing the criminal case and disposition details. The thing with arrest warrants is that action is pending in response to these orders. Since the alleged offenders are yet to be taken into custody, there is a high risk of this information being sought by suspects and their cohorts to facilitate their run from the law.

Crawford County Arrest Records by City

Then, there is the problem of civilians attempting to make arrests and endangering themselves and those around them. In terms of scope of action, both can put a person behind bars. The primary difference is that bench warrants are linked to minor offenses such as ordinance violations, non-payment of court ordered restitution or fines, non-appearance in court and Class C and D misdemeanors. In contrast, active warrants are issued in connection with felonies and Class A and B misdemeanors.

Well, active warrants is just another term for freshly issued arrest warrants, while outstanding warrants are those orders that have been in the system for a while. Unlike bench warrants, active warrants have nationwide jurisdiction and a person can be extradited to Arkansas from any other state as long as the arrest warrant against him is connected to a serious offense.

That said, rest assured that even the limited information will come your way only after you provide personal identification and the reason for the warrant check. Some law enforcement offices in the state do offer access to their warrant list online. However, the information provided can be very different, depending on the agency offering it. Let me give you a few examples:. Needless to say, the list has no mention of bench warrants nor active warrants issued in case of minor misdemeanor offenses. However, you can find pictures of the suspects who figure in the list along with information on charges as well as their identifying details.

In addition to these, you can also get latest news from the department on their homepage, which includes information on recent arrests, complete with pictures of the detainees. The warrant division of the agency updates the information on the page every 24 hours. You can browse through the entire list or use the name search facility. The tool offers the facility to find arrest warrants by using the name of the suspect, the warrant number and the date of issue. You can also use the service to find all the active warrants issued in a specified time frame.

A warrant roundup has nothing to with accessing information on arrest warrants. It is a police procedure that does not involve civilians nor the dissemination of criminal records in any way or sense. A warrant roundup is typically a multi-agency initiative that is undertaken to serve the maximum number of outstanding warrants as can be done in a matter of days. You will not be given any information on a warrant roundup operation, even if one is in the pipeline. Court records serve as the mother load of information when you want a peek into the background of a person. Despite the sheer volume of information that you can get from a case search, there are a lot of misconceptions about judicial records.

For instance, when I am asked about the options available to find information on court cases, I see a lot of eye-rolling because this one is considered a no brainer. I mean where else can you go for a court records search if not the court? For everybody out there who harbors this misconception, I have a bit of an eye opener.

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Folks, the courts regardless of their hierarchy in the judicial system have too much on their plates. So, even if you know about the court that heard a specific criminal or civil matter, you cannot launch an inquiry for case information directly through this office of the judiciary. And, that brings me to the question du jour….

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So, if you want to access case information for a matter that was handled by the District Court of a county, you will have to get in touch with the district court clerk. Ditto for judicial records from the Circuit Court. The Court Connect system covers 58 of the 75 counties and their district courts as well as 12 of the 23 circuit courts. The Court Access Network can also be used to get information on both civil and criminal matters being heard by the Court of Appeals as well as details on matters that have made it to the Apex Court Supreme Court of Arkansas.

Case information is available for both civil and criminal matters and you do not have to register to avail the service nor do you have to pay for the information. The best part is that the information is quite in depth and you can also get a few tidbits on matters that are still active. On the webpage, you will see the list of courts that are covered by the network and areas which are not part of the Court connect System.

In fact, you can find information from the circuit as well as the district court for such areas. That said, you get 6 options for the case search. You can find:. If you pick the first option, i. For those of you who are interested in courts records from a specific county, the name of the county can also be used as a filter along with the case type and the party type.

For example, if you are only interested in criminal court records for cases in which the subject is a defendant and not the victim, you can narrow down your search results by using these two filters. The judicial records go back to more than 20 years in some cases although you can get more in-depth information on recent cases.

And here we are at the final section of this article. Well, we have already spoken about the different types of criminal records, the offices from where you can access this information and ways to find this data online. But, whether you are looking for criminal court records or details on arrest warrants or an arrest report, the dirt you find on your subject will be for informational purposes only.

For instance, you cannot use the results of your criminal case search to make hiring decisions. Similarly, just because there are no criminal records online in your name does not mean that you will be considered eligible for immigration or adoption.

Crawford County, Arkansas - Wikipedia

Do you see where I am going with this? When your criminal background check is motivated by an official reason, you will need the results of your inquiry in black and white; not to mention that the response will need to be in-depth. For all of that you need an official criminal background search. If you want criminal court records that are not limited to one county, you can get in touch with the Arkansas State Police for a complete criminal history report.

You can file your request online if you are in the authorized entities category. Having said that, some local police departments will accept third party criminal history inquiries. However, there is almost always a catch to the service offered. Here are a few examples that will help you to understand what I am talking about here:.

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Well, the only agency that will let you get your hands on extensive and in-depth third party criminal records online, and I am talking about the real good stuff here, is the Arkansas Department of Corrections. So, where does that leave us?

Top options to conduct an arrest inquiry, warrant lookup and criminal case search in Arkansas!

With all the information on any person who has ever served time in any Arkansas state Prison! Use the name of your subject to initiate the criminal check. And if the inquiry returns a criminal record, consider it to be your lucky day because you will get to know about every criminal act of your subject that led to a conviction. The information includes, the arrest mugshots, full name, DOB, name and address of facility where the inmate is serving time, aliases and other identifier information, incarceration history, details on charges, information on prior prison sentences and more.

Disclaimer: Please note that Inspectruth. We are not owned or affiliated with them in any way. We aggregate public records from various sources and make them available to our users. Due to the nature and manner of the data aggregation, we cannot guarantee that the data will be error free. The Crawford County AR Detention Center is located in Arkansas and takes in new arrests and detainees are who are delivered daily - call for the current roster. Law enforcement and police book offenders from Crawford County and nearby cities and towns. Some offenders may stay less than one day or only for a few days until they are released in a court proceeding, some after putting up a bond and then are released to a pretrial services caseload under supervision by the court, or are released on their own recognizance with an agreement to appear in court.

The jail is divided into "pods," each of which includes individual cells, common areas, and an outside recreation court — a space bound by towering concrete walls. All meals, are approved by a dietitian.

Crawford County Criminal and Public Records

Common area tables are made of solid steel with attached four seats. Inmates crowd around the tables playing cards or board games like chess and checkers.

Inside the cells, there is only a sliver of a window allows inmates to peer out. There are two to three inmates per cell, The jail is crowded at about 90 percent capacity and this population varies day-to-day sometimes over-crowded. There are strict procedures for everything related to "sending things to an inmate" in a County - medium facility.

This includes sending money for commissary packages, sending mail like letters with photos , magazine subscriptions , buying phone time , postcards and greeting cards, and even distance learning courses get your degree, you've got a lot of extra time. You also need to know about visitation, what are the hours and rules. All of the information you could ever need to know is below, patiently scroll the page and get as much information about Crawford County AR Detention Center that you'd ever want to know. If there is anything that you were looking for, but don't see, please email us at aid inmateaid.

Here are some general guidelines for sending money to an inmate's trust account; but not specific to a particular facility, institution or jail. Inmates need money to access several privileges like weekly shopping at the commissary, making phone calls, using the email service where offered, using the electronic tablets where offered and paying their co-pay when needing the medical or dental services.

A commissary is a store within the jail. Commissary day is usually held once a week and can only be used if the inmate has funds in their commissary account, like a bank account within the institution. If the inmate has a job, their paycheck is deposited into this account, too. The Commissary sells various products that the inmates may purchase if they have money on their books. Items sold are clothing, shoes, snacks and food, as well as hygienic products like soap, shampoo, and shavers.